Sports Photography: Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a professional photographer for sports picture day can be overwhelming, especially if you’re in charge of organizing it. There are so many factors to consider, and so many questions to ask that it’s important to make sure you’re working with the right person. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 questions booster clubs need to ask before hiring a picture day photographer for their team. From experience levels and turnaround time, to digital copies and travel costs, these are some of the most important questions to consider when setting up your photo session. Read on to discover the answers you need and make sure everything goes smoothly on your next sports picture day!

1. What experience do you have photographing sports teams?

We have been photographing youth Sports for over a decade capturing everything from day-of-event action photos to Team and Individual picture days and customized one-on-one photography sessions. We have photographed many High School and club-level sports including Volleyball, Football, Gymnastics, Baseball, Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer, Competitive Cheer, and Wrestling to name a few. We are fully certified through USA Gymnastics Safesport program and have recent Child safety background check clearances. We would also love to add your sport to our list if it wasn’t named already!

2. How quickly can I expect my photos?

It mostly depends on the number of athletes in your program and the types of photos that are required. However, most organizations can expect to see their resulting photos within two weeks of picture day through our online ordering system. Once parents have placed their orders, they could have their purchases delivered to their homes in as little as a week.

3. Are digital copies of the photos included in your services?

Digital copies of team and individual photos will be available for purchase using our online ordering system. Organizations are able to request copies of digitals at no cost for the purpose of advertising, promotion, or printed program use only. Promotional images will contain a non-intrusive discrete watermark in the lower corners of the image that must remain displayed.

4. Do you have any references or testimonials from other booster clubs that have used your services?

Lots of them! Feel free to check out our Google Page for past client reviews, or feel free to reach out to us and we can put you in touch with past clients so that you may ask about our services directly.

5. What type of equipment do you use for sports photography and will the photos be edited or retouched?

We use professional-grade equipment including digital cameras with backup memory cards, off-camera flash systems for more dynamic and dramatic photography results and of course other accessories to help create amazing aesthetics. All of our images are color corrected at a minimum to look their best. Additional retouching including skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and other services are also available for purchase.

6. Are there any additional fees associated with your services, such as travel costs?

Only if you are located outside of our local service area of 50 miles surrounding York Pennsylvania. Costs would vary depending on the equipment needed and travel means used, so please contact us directly at 717.739.4225 or if you have questions regarding any additional costs.

7. Do you offer any discounts for groups or multiple teams photographed on the same day?

We typically do not charge teams or organizations a fee for the team and individual photography unless it is a single team of fewer than 12 athletes or if travel outside of our local area is involved. In that case, we may require a minimum purchase commitment from each athlete. Please contact us for additional information if your team has fewer than 12 athletes.

8. Is it possible to preview your work prior to booking a date with you?

Absolutely, we post examples of our work and some behind-the-scenes footage pretty regularly on our Instagram page at You can also find some of our best images located on the portfolio page of our website or on our Facebook page at PdPhotography Sports.

9. Will group and individual shots be taken during our photo session?

The answer is yes, but It will depend on the look you are going for. Sometimes larger groups opt for a composite photo instead of trying to organize one big group photo.

A composite team photo is where we take individual photos of each athlete and combine (composite) them into a group using photo editing software. The advantages of doing this are:

  1. Everyone doesn’t have to be in the same place at the same time. Groups can be scheduled throughout the day to keep numbers down and everyone organized and focused for an efficient picture day process.
  2. Parents of athletes can schedule make-up shoots at our studio if they aren’t available during the assigned picture day.
  3. Group and team photos won’t need to be held up for parents that have challenges bringing their athletes on picture day.
  4. Every athlete will be visible in the group photo. No more little faces of athletes way in the back.
  5. AND MOST OF ALL… no risers or additional equipment necessary.

10. Can we select which images we want printed or published after the shoot is complete?

Absolutely! That’s one of the benefits of our complete online ordering system. Parents will have the opportunity to view their athlete’s photos and choose the photos they would like to purchase. Our system allows us the creativity to offer parents several different photos to choose from all while keeping picture day efficient and on schedule. We have a 95% ahead-of-schedule rating for picture days and offer up to 5 or 6 different looks for each athlete.